Terra Luna Classic Crypto Price Prediction - Will LUNC Crash?

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is consolidating around the $0.00029 price levels and has recently lost the limelight as the effect of the bull run wears off. 

As Bitcoin continues to trade below the $20,000 levels and at risk of dropping lower, the price of LUNC remains resilient.  

The last trading week for Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) has been volatile seeing highs of $0.00043 all the way down to lows of $0.00024. 

At the time of writing this article LUNC is printing candles around the $0.000293 levels, there is a possibility we may see a breakout 

to $0.000335 if the bulls can surpass the $0.00031 resistance trendline.  

Over the last quarter, the price of LUNC has moved up over 1,400% so a correction was almost inevitable following such a greedy market sentiment and trading euphoria. 

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) could effectively pump to $0.000335 if the resistance trendline of the triangle is broken.

Following this, the next technical price target would bring the price of LUNC up to roughly $0.000362 which would be a great recovery for the bulls.