Roger Federer was epitome of greatness, 

Like how writer Ruskin Bond put in one of his stories, it is not the time that is passing by, it is you and I. 

Federer realises he cannot give anymore to tennis as a player.  

Bu promises, in his retirement note, that he will never leave the sport.  

Roger Federer, on Thursday, told the world he has had it enough. After battling opponents and his own body for several years, he decided to retire from competitive tennis.  

The Laver Cup next week will be his last stint on a court and those who have the tickets to the event will be calling themselves doubly lucky. 

grace and even in his retirement annoucement, there was a reflection of his self. 

He announced his retirement via a voice note. He put it out on all his social media accounts with a smiling Federer looking at the fans. 

And there it was, Federer finally pulling out the plug. You heard his voice and looked at the smiling Federer.