How to Prepare for Law School as a Junior

Keep Studying! It may seem like I’m just repeating the same things from previous blog posts over and over  

and that’s because I am. BUT! It seems that the more I repeat something, the more it sticks (funny how that works, isn’t it?). 

Letters of Recommendation: Start sucking up to…whoops! I mean, thinking about, who you’re going to ask for recommendations at the beginning of your junior year.

Start looking at law schools: This is a really important step. You need to know where you’d want to go and what kind of grades/LSAT score you’re going to need in order to get in.

Set time aside to study for the LSAT: Junior year is a great time to start prepping for the LSAT! Remember how grades were the first part of the two most important factors of your law school application

the LSAT is that second factor. Learning the LSAT is like learning a new skill – it takes time and you can’t cram for it like you would for one of your midterms.

So, make sure you start studying at least 3 months ahead of your LSAT, even longer if your schedule allows it, since you’re in school and can’t focus on it full time.

Adjust your schedule to be able to take the June LSAT at the end of your junior year – this will give you enough time to study and retake in August if needed.